MF CLinicsWe operate our clinics from the Neville Childhood Epilepsy Centre at Young Epilepsy, Lingfield, Surrey, UK.

The centre is a World Class medical facility specifically designed for epilepsy diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation. For families travelling long distances, patient and family accommodation is available, details of which can be found on our Resources page and require pre-booking.

The centre also benefits from having kitchens and conference facilities on site.

The friendship that has been forged between the Young Epilepsy and Matthew’s Friends is a true example of how different specialities can work together to give the best possible service for those who need them, in the most cost-effective way of providing them.

We are delighted to be working with The Neville Childhood Epilepsy Centre at the Young Epilepsy.


Ketogenic Clinics:

Our clinics practise all types of ketogenic therapy and tailor the ketogenic therapy to the best needs of the individual.

Less restrictive versions of ketogenic therapies are usually recommended for adults such as modified ketogenic therapy, low glycemic index treatment and Modified Atkins diet unless the individual is tube fed.

Our clinics are open to adults and children aged 1 year and over. We recommend that infants under 1-year-old are admitted to hospital for dietary initiation.

Our clinics are extremely busy and although we try to see people as soon as we can, sometimes there can be a delay.

Our clinics are run by a fully trained and experienced medical team with full support services and resources available for all our patients.

ALL patients require a referral from their managing Doctor/Neurologist.  Funding will need to be sought in all cases.

Patients will need to be seen for the following Clinic Appointments:

  • Assessment clinic with medical team – Bloods and EEG required.
  • Dietary Education Clinic with Keto Assistants
  • 1 Month Dietary Review Clinic – with Dietitians and Keto Assistants (this clinic can be optional depending on the requirements of the family/patient)
  • 3, 6, 12, & 18 month Full Review clinics with Medical Team – Blood Tests required and an EEG may also be required.
  • 2 year Full Review and Wean off the diet (if appropriate) with Medical Team. Blood Tests and EEG may also be required.

In addition to the above Review Clinics the following services are also available:

Long Term Ketogenic Patients

For those patients who need longer term dietary therapy, our clinics will be able to continue to provide care and management including any transition from child to adult services. Clinical re-assessment of dietary needs will be ongoing with regular 6 monthly appointments and necessary bloods being taken. Reports will be sent to the local team every 6 months.

Dietary Review Clinics – Dietitians / Keto Assistants

These clinics are optional and are held monthly. Patients and their families can visit the clinic if they wish to have closer ‘face to face’ supervision or are experiencing problems and our dietitians need to review the patient in clinic.

Ongoing Educational Clinics – Keto Assistants

These are available on request for the families/patients as and when they feel they need them. Specific topics can be covered from keto cooking, using the EKM and Ketone/Glucose testing. Some educational sessions can be arranged by phone/SKYPE if more appropriate for the patients/families.

Education/Ketogenic Diet Training for Professionals:

Please visit:


For Families, Patients and Support Workers:

Please visit our charity website www.matthewsfriends.org for more information on ketogenic therapies, keto cooking and shopping. Also available is our Ketocooking channel via youtube and online tutorials and information from our Medical Advisory Board.


We have always been fully committed to the clinical research aspects of Ketogenic therapies as this will hopefully answer some further questions as to why these treatments can work so well and this will also benefit patients in the future.

Research and evaluation projects will be ongoing at our clinics and you may be asked if you wish to be enrolled onto a specific clinical trial or evaluation programme during the course of your treatment with us. Any enrolment is not compulsory and you do not have to be part of any evaluation or trial if you do not wish to be.

More details of clinical trials and evaluation projects available will be given to you at your clinic appointment if appropriate.