Dr. Archana Desurkar

ArchanaConsultant Paediatric Neurologist
Sheffield Children’s Hospital
& Matthew’s Friends Glut 1D Clinics

Several years back, I had heard a programme about ketogenic diet in epilepsies on local radio in India and was extremely impressed by this! As my own mother had refractory epilepsy, looking for other therapeutic options has always been exciting.

Having had my basic medical and paediatric post-graduate training in India, my training in Specialist Paediatric Neurology has been in Edinburgh and London. I have also completed a fellowship in EEG and video-telemetries at Kings College Hospital. I have been working at the NCYPE- looking after students with complex epilepsies for 2 years now. I had heard of Matthews Friends and especially Emma several years ago during my training. It is indeed an exciting opportunity to work with the team delivering this service at NCYPE.

As about a third children with epilepsy remain refractory to medications and many are potentially helped by the ketogenic diet, providing this service through Matthews Friends is a step towards helping achieve a better seizure control and improve the quality of life not just of the child but their families too.

A lot of work has already gone into making the diet a practical option for many families! Through this service, I hope to offer the clinical expertise bringing in my considerable experience in complex epilepsies and the ketogenic diet, to complement and supplement the expertise of the team and work in close partnership with parents and the local medical teams.