How to Gain Access to Matthew’s Friends Clinics:

Currently there are very few neurologists/dietitians who have experience of these regimes. Our clinics offer medically supervised treatments for both adults and children via an exceptional team of very experienced neurologists, dietitians and ketogenic assistants and because we are the only centre in the UK specifically concentrating on these types of treatments we can offer a fully supported and individual service to all our patients.


We take NHS, Insurance and private patients from all over the UK.

We take private patients from overseas.

A referral to our clinic will need to come from the local managing Doctor/Neurologist and usually funding will have to be applied for to the local CCG by the referring doctor (Epilepsy and Glut 1D patients only).

If you require any further information in relation to this process then please contact us directly on

Translation Services:

All clinics are conducted in English as well as all resources being written in English. At this time we do not provide translators, therefore non-English speaking families will need to provide their own translator OR bring a member of the family with them that can speak English fluently as this will be needed in order to make sure the details of the diet are understood and followed correctly as well as the education that the families will be given.